About the company

Specialists in the field of development and engineering in the field of alternative energy: solar terrestrial and roof power plants, energy from waste.

We are preparing a shovel ready project to attract investment.

We attract investments in solar power plants all over Ukraine. Liaison with the largest Chinese, Turkish and American investors has been established.

We use modern equipment and materials of our world and our Ukrainian manufacturers. We thus go for optimal design solutions for the best financial indicators.

We rely on the best practices for building solar power plants in Ukraine.

“Mission of the company: To professionally and systematically implement alternative energy projects throughout Ukraine, making the country independent and the world cleaner.

To implement our goals, strategic agreements and partnership protocols with leading manufacturers of equipment, design, audit and installation organizations have been signed.


JA Solar, Unisolar, СМЕС”, аудиторская компания “Столичный Адвокат”